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China Sole City Tour

Beijing tour Chengde tour Chengdu tour
Chongqing tour Datong tour Dunhuang tour
Guangzhou tour Guilin tour Guiyang tour
Hangzhou tour Hohhot tour Huangshan tour
Kashgar tour Kunming tour Lanzhou tour
Lijiang tour Luoyang tour Qingdao tour
Shanghai tour Shenzhen tour Suzhou tour
Taiyuan tour Wuhan tour Urumuqi tour
Xian tour Lhasa Tour  
China Package tour
Beijing package tour Chengde package tour Chengdu package tour
Chongqing package tour Datong package tour Dunhuang package tour
Guangzhou package tour Guilin package tour Guiyang package tour
Hangzhou package tour Hohhot package tour Huangshan package tour
Kashgar package tour Kunming package tour Lanzhou package tour
Lijiang package tour Luoyang package tour Qingdao package tour
Shanghai package tour Shenzhen package tour Suzhou package tour
Taiyuan package tour Wuhan package tour Urumuqi package tour
Xian package tour Lhasa package tour  
China 1 day Tour
Beijing 1 day tour Chengde 1 day tour Chengdu 1 day tour
Chongqing 1 day tour Datong 1 day tour Dunhuang 1 day tour
Guangzhou 1 day tour Guilin 1 day tour Guiyang 1 day tour
Hangzhou 1 day tour Hohhot 1 day tour Kashgar 1 day tour
Kunming 1 day tour Lanzhou 1 day tour Lijiang 1 day tour
Luoyang 1 day tour Qingdao 1 day tour Shanghai 1 day tour
Shenzhen 1 day tour Suzhou 1 day tour Wuhan 1 day tour
Urumuqi 1 day tour Xian 1 day tour  

China tour Starting city : China tour star from Beijing
China Hotels

Beijing Hotels:

Beijing 3 star hotel Beijing 4 star hotel Beijing 5 star hotel
Chengde Hotels: Chengde 3 star hotel Chengde 4 star hotel Chengde 5 star hotel
Chengdu Hotels: Chengdu 3 star hotel Chengdu 4 star hotel Chengdu 5 star hotel
Chongqing Hotels: Chongqing 3 star hotel Chongqing 4 star hotel Chongqing 5 star hotel
Datong Hotels: Datong 3 star hotel Datong 4 star hotel Datong 5 star hotel
Dunhuang Hotels: Dunhuang 3 star hotel Dunhuang 4 star hotel Dunhuang 5 star hotel
Guilin Hotels: Guilin 3 star hotel Guilin 4 star hotel Guilin 5 star hotel
Hangzhou Hotels: Hangzhou 3 star hotel Hangzhou 4 star hotel Hangzhou 5 star hotel
Kashgar Hotels: Kashgar 3 star hotel Kashgar 4 star hotel Kashgar 5 star hotel
Lanzhou Hotels: Lanzhou 3 star hotel Lanzhou 4 star hotel Lanzhou 5 star hotel
Lhasa Hotels: Lhasa 3 star hotel Lhasa 4 star hotel Lhasa 5 star hotel
Luoyang Hotels: Luoyang 3 star hotel Luoyang 4 star hotel Luoyang 5 star hotel
Pingyao Hotels: Pingyao 3 star hotel Pingyao 4 star hotel Pingyao 5 star hotel
Shanghai Hotels: Shanghai 3 star hotel Shanghai 4 star hotel Shanghai 5 star hotel
Suzhou Hotels: Suzhou 3 star hotel Suzhou 4 star hotel Suzhou 5 star hotel
Taiyuan Hotels: Taiyuan 3 star hotel Taiyuan 4 star hotel Taiyuan 5 star hotel
Urumchi Hotels: Urumchi 3 star hotel Urumchi 4 star hotel Urumchi 5 star hotel
Xian Hotels: Xian 3 star hotel Xian 4 star hotel Xian 5 star hotel
Zhengzhou Hotels: Zhengzhou 3 star hotel Zhengzhou 4 star hotel Zhengzhou 5 star hotel
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Beijing Attractions

Chengde Attractions Chengdu Attractions Chongqing Attractions
Datong Attractions Dunhuang Attractions Guilin Attractions Guiyang Attractions
Hangzhou Attractions Huangshan Attractions Jiayuguan Attractions Kaifeng Attractions
Kashgar Attractions Kunming Attractions Lanzhou Attractions Lhasa Attractions
Lijiang Attractions Luoyang Attractions Pingyao Attractions Qindao Attractions
Shaolin Temple Shanghai Attractions Suzhou Attractions Taiyuan Attractions
Turpan Attractions Urumchi Attractions Xiahe Attractions Xian Attractions
Yangtze River Attractions Zhengzhou Attractions Zhouzhuang Attractions  
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