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Di Opera

Di Opera, or Dixi in Chinese, Ground Opera or Earth Opera in Chinese meaning, usually performed during the Chinese Spring Festival in Anshun County, Guizhou Province. Focuses mainly on conveying the spirit of loyalty to a monarch and personal loyalty as well as the spirit of a warrior by showing programs such as Generals of the Yang's (of China's Song Dynasty), Generals of the Xue's (of China's Tang Dynasty), the Three Kingdoms, Granting Titles to Immortals (Feng Shen Bang) and so on.

This Di Opera trace back to 1382 (the 14th year of Emperor Hongwu's rule during the Ming Dynasty)is one of the oldest operas in the world, living fossil of opera art. The players perform not on stage but on vacant land near the village, with the size of playing area determined by the number of masked actors involved in the performance. Usually about 40-50 to more than 100 masks in an opera, and audience stand around on the high land for a better view of the performance.

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